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Exclusively for those who demand the highest quality diagnosis for their patients in the most challenging of cases, the E-CUBE 15 EX consistently delivers speed, throughput and accuracy. The E-CUBE 15 EX seamlessly integrates ALPINION proprietary imaging technologies, crafted transducer set and intuitive application software. The ALPINION’s unique FleXcan™ Architecture, the software-based imaging platform, guarantees uniform image quality and performance, and easy upgrade to maintain the system level to the most latest one.


  • Crystal Signature™
    ALPINION’s specialized single crystal technology, Crystal Signature™, produces higher image resolution, wide bandwidth and deep penetration.
  • MicroFit™ Technology
    ALPINION’s innovative transducer design facilitates optimized performance and enhances ergonomics.
  • SensitiView™ Technology
    SensitiView™ Technology encompasses the CSA™(Clear Signal Amplifier), low loss cable and matching technology with system.
  • FleXcan™ Architecture
    ALPINION’s unique software-based ultrasound imaging platform ensures stable imaging performance and easy software upgrade.
  • Optimal Imaging Suite™
    Optimized post-processing technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.
    – SCI
    – FCI
    – FTHI
    – PITHI
    – SRI / FullSRI™



  • Crafted Transducer set for E-CUBE 15 EX
    The premium transducer designed and built exclusively for the E-CUBE 15 EX system is the key to its sensitivity.
    ALPINION’s single crystal phased array transducer sets a new standard for cardiovascular imaging.
    For general imaging, ALPINION provides the largest single crystal convex transducers in the world which offer unmatched penetration and the power to differentiate between the subtle tissue characteristics.
    You can experience extremely high density transducers and single crystal transducers sets powered by Crystal Signature™ with the E-CUBE 15 EX.

General Imaging specialized features

  • Elastography
    Elastography displays the gradient value of the stiffness of soft tissues which offers useful diagnostic information like detection of tumor.
  • SRI / FullSRI™
    FullSRI™ is ALPINION’s unique speckle reduction filtering technology that minimizes artifacts and enhances edge boundaries.
  • Xpeed™
    Xpeed™ is a one-button optimization tool for efficient diagnostic flow. It optimizes images in 2D, Color Flow and Doppler modes.
  • Panoramic Imaging
    Panoramic Imaging offers a horizontal image with an extremely extended field of view.

Cardiac features

  • CUBE Strain™ and Stress Echo
    CUBE Strain™ and Stress Echo offer an accurate diagnosis of cardiac disorders by quantifying myocardial deformation.
  • Full Cardiac Measurement Packages & DICOM Cardiac Structured Report
  • Auto IMT
    Carotid scanning observes in early stage of arteriosclerosis. ALPINION’s Auto IMT software enables accurate and automatic measurements for the thickness of the upper and lower intima-media through a single line near the intima.
  • PITHI & FTHI – Advanced Harmonic Imaging
    PITHI (Phase Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and FTHI (Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging) permit accurate diagnosis through rapid and clean images.
  • Extreme High Density Multi-active layer transducer, MP1-5X and Extreme high density single crystal Transducer, SP1-5X

Women’s Health specialized features

  • Volume Master™
    ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software offers fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality for diagnosis.
  • Live HQ™
    The combination of qualified 3D/4D transducers with strong performance reliability and geometrical accuracy enables ALPINION’s Live HQ™ software to render a realistic fetal shape.
  • Auto NT
    Semi-auto traced measurement tool of the Nuchal Translucency in the first trimester
  • Elastography
  • Extreme High Density Endovaginal transducer with world widest angle FOV (Max 230°), EV3-10X / EC3-10X
  • High Density 3D Endovaginal transducer, VE3-10H

Features for MSK, Orthopedic and other applications

  • ALPINION’s renowned linear transducer set
  • Needle Vision™
    Needle Vision™ dramatically enhances visibility of needle tips, which enables much more efficient and faster targetting.
  • Xpeed™
    Xpeed™ is a one-button optimization tool for efficient diagnostic flow. It optimizes images in 2D, Color flow and Doppler modes.
  • SRI / FullSRI™
    FullSRI™ is ALPINION’s unique speckle reduction filtering technology that minimizes artifacts and enhances edge boundaries.
  • SCI (Spatial Compounding Imaging) and FCI (Frequency Compounding Imaging)


  • Net CUBE CARE™
    The Net CUBE CARE™ is ALPINION’s network-based remote customer service.
    It is a convenient service to access E-CUBE system on network and troubleshoot any problem promptly.
  • CUBE View™
    CUBE View™ is ALPINION’s world’s first real-time ultrasound image sharing solution.
    Through wireless connection and CUBE View™ app in iPhone and iPad, users can share live ultrasound images from E-CUBE to anywhere.

Design & Ergonomics

  • Wide LED monitor
    Wide LED monitor for convenient clinical review.
  • Flexible monitor arm
    The flexible monitor arm can be turned 360° to provide convenience and optimal ergonomics for both users and patients.
  • Touch Screen
    Touch Screen for fast and intuitive workflow.
  • Gel warmer
    Built-in gel warmer for patient’s comfort.
  • Easy height adjustment
    A finger tip-operated console height-adjustment enables clinicians to examine in a comfortable position. (console and monitor height adjustable up to 330mm).
  • Port / Connector / Door / Cable hook
    – 4 active transducer port + CW port
    – Micro-pinless transducer connector
    – Anti-dust transducer door
    – Cable arrangement hook



  • Convex             : SC1-6H, SC1-4HS, SC1-4H, C5-8N, C5-8
  • Volume Convex : SVC1-6H
  • Linear             : L8-17X, L3-12X, L3-12H, L3-8, IO8-17, IO3-12
  • Phased             : MP1-5X, SP1-5X, SP3-8
  • Endo-vaginal type : EV3-10X, EC3-10X, EV3-10H, EC3-10H, E3-10H, VE3-10H
  • Others : TEE3-7, CW2.0, CW5.0


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